Go Fast, Turn Left

Welcome to Cannock Motorsports!  The official site of the #21 Tobias Slingshot piloted by Fred Cannock and the #121 Tobias Slingshot driven by John Mann.

The Cannock Motorsports Team can be found at Oakland Valley Race Park on most Saturdays from April until November.  You can get info on the track at    Feel free to come and check out the excitement that is Slingshot racing.  You will love it!


The Power of Superstitions

Anyone that has ever discussed racing with me knows I am very superstitious.  No green on my car or on anyone in my pit. No number 13. No peanuts in the pits. No talk of wrecks or getting hurt (no bad kharma).  Well 2 weeks ago I was supposed to end my season.  I couldnt find my blue slingshot tshirt and was flipping out. I had worn it every week and had done great and now I couldn't find it.  I tore my closet apart. Checked my laundry. Checked the boys laundry. Nothing. I ran out of time before I could tear the boys closet apart. Had to get to the track.  In a nutshell the night sucked and I was determined not to have this great year end on a sour note.  Sunday morning I found my shirt in Jakes stuff and quickly hung it in my closet for the following week. Lol.

Fast forward a week and Zac and I get to the track @ 3pm.  John is ready and waiting.  We run practices and my car is good. Johns car is really fast but had smoke blowing out a couple of times.  We thought it was a crank seal but John inspected it and it looked ok. We went out for heat #1. I was on the pole and John fourth.  I took off after a few bumps from the 18 and won pretty easily.  Johns luck wasnt so good, his motor lost power and temperature shot up. When he pulled in it was spitting smoke out of the overflow tank.  Not good.  It was determined that it was a faulty head gasket.  He was done for the night and for the year.  

In the second heat I started 6th.  Going into turn one after the green the 5 cars in front of  me bunched up, and I got inside four of them. In one turn I went from 6th to 2nd!  The leader was a new driver and he was ALL over the place.  I wasnt trying to pass him as much as survive him. lol. He almost hit the wall in turn 2.  Then again in turn 4.  Then again in turn 2 but now he shot to the bottom of the track so I went around him on the outside. As we get to the cone in turn 3 he decides to T-Bone me pushing me wide.  The 32 gets by me and I finally get by the 4.  I knew I had the pole for the feature so I didnt push it but I would have liked to win both heats. 

I started on the pole for the feature. I had the 32 and 18 all over me on the start but got out front.  The caution flag flies and we have to restart.  Once again they are on me but I clear them in a lap or two and take off.  The motor felt a little off so I ran hard for a few laps then took it easy.  With 3 laps to go I pushed it again and won going away.  Win #6! 

Now thats the way to end a seaon and I owe it all to my Tobias Slingshot shirt! BELIEVE!